With Tango you can travel between Nîmes Arles Camargue airport and several locations in the city of Nîmes.


The schedule follows the departure and arrival times of flights.

In the event of a change of flights, the shuttle times will be modified, always following the same principle:

  • departure towards the city centre 20 to 30 minutes after the arrival of a flight,
  • arrival at the airport between 1h and 1h15 before a flight.


In the direction Airport towards Nîmes, just ask the driver for the stop when getting on. You don’t need to book beforehand.

In the direction Nîmes > Airport, you will need to book beforehand on ONLY for the connection from the hotel area of the Ville Active district of Nîmes.


CAUTION: Specific pricing applies to the Express Airport Shuttle.  

You can purchase a ticket for 6,80 € directly from the driver, from the TANGO shop or on automatic vending machines. This ticket is valid for a single journey on the Shuttle and on the other lines of the network. Subscriptions to the Nîmes Métropole Transport Network are not valid on this shuttle.

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