For your comfort and safety, here are a few rules to help you enjoy your trip on our network:

picto-preparation monnaie

Get to the stop a few minutes before your bus or coach and prepare your ticket or your change.


When you see the bus or coach approaching, signal the driver to stop. Not all stops are mandatory.

 picto-dirigez vous vers le fond du bus  

Once you’re on the bus or coach, move to the back of the vehicle to make it easier for other passengers to move around.


Always remember to validate! It is mandatory to validate your ticket even when you are changing lines and even if you have a subscription!


Please offer your seat to the people who need it the most: the elderly, pregnant women...


To get off, press the call button located on the bars.


When the bus or the coach stops, get off through the rear doors of the vehicle to let other people get in at the front. 

It is forbidden:

  • To smoke inside the vehicles
  • To degrade the equipment
  • To transport bulky objects and dangerous products
  • To get on board with a bicycle (with the exception of Line T1 during off-peak hours)