If you have lost an item in one of our vehicles, you must complete a form which is available from the shop or the reception.

Complete this form

This document will help us try and find your property.

Be specific about details: list of personal effects, contents, colours, material, place, date and time you think you lost the item. All these elements are important for us to investigate.

Once the form is completed, we will immediately start research.

  • If the item is not found after a month, the search will be closed.
  • If the object is found but you don’t collect it within a month, despite having been informed by telephone and/or post, it will be sent to the lost and found unit of the city of Nîmes.



  • If your personal details are on the item, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you can come and collect it.
  • If we find an identity document, we will send it to the authority that issued it and they will notify you.

Lost and found items are to be collected in the headquarters of the Tango network: 388 avenue Robert Bompard - 30020 Nîmes Cedex 1 during business hours.

Please note that we only return lost and found items to the persons concerned. Thus, you will be asked for identification.


Tango declines all responsibility for lost items which are not found or are damaged.